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Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in our homes. It is one of the first places you step in when you wake up and one of the last places you visit before you go to sleep. Essentially making it a vital room in our homes. A bathroom is usually perceived as a kind of space where you can unwind and recover after an exhausting day. If you want to make the most of this space, here is how you can create a relaxing yet stylish bathroom.

Bathtubs to keep you relaxed

Many people nowadays avoid investing in bathtubs or prefer to remove them altogether. However, this element can do wonders to your space and also serve as a place of tranquillity. Imagine you have had the most exhausting week and when you get home you just want to relax and unwind. Visualise your bathroom having a bathtub filled with warm water and your favourite scented bath oil in it. Now, picture a comfortable bath pillow (available at DTC) waiting for you to rest your head on, and just a quiet space for you to relax and reflect on the best moments of the week. Feeling relaxed already? This is it; a bathtub will give you the best experience you are looking forward to.

On the other hand freestanding bathtubs can be a statement piece to the room. This can be achieved by either placing it in the middle of the room with a beautiful chandelier over it, otherwise in front of a mirror wall or by a huge window overlooking a scenic view. This all depends on the layout of your bathroom space.

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If there are limitations with space you can consider using a sunken bath, Japanese style, with an overhead shower. This will serve as a dual purpose; shower space and as a bath. You can design your sunken bath to your specifications and tile it all round or you can get options of acrylic baths at DTC.

Refresh your bathroom by using colours

Choosing your bathroom colour scheme says a lot about your personality. People who choose dark colours such as greys, blues or even blacks display a personality of strong, simple and bold.  On the other hand, more colourful tones or patterns portray artistic and a playful nature. Neutral tones can also turn your bathroom into a warm and cosy space.

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Upgrade your Bathroom fittings and Accessories

In the days gone by, bathrooms have had the standard chrome finish basin mixer, round showerhead and chrome bathroom accessories. These days there are a variety of exciting bathroom fittings and accessories available providing endless possibilities in terms of shape and colour.  Some of the colours you could now use are; old brass, polished black, brushed matt nickel amongst many others and these are all available at DTC.

You can also pamper yourself by upgrading your shower to a massage shower head/set or a waterfall shower head.

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Set the lighting correct

Natural light is the best so make your windows big! It makes the bathroom look fresh at all times. As for when it gets dark, add in ambient lighting to get light through the whole space. This will serve as the general lighting. In addition to the ambient lighting, use accent lighting. This can be installed along the perimeters of the space. It is also used to highlight particular areas such as the vanity counter top, niches or any other area of prominence. Finally, add in decorative lighting. This can be in the form of pendant lights or sconces, for example, on both sides of a mirror or a gorgeous chandelier over the bath to create a statement.

The best lighting for your bathroom should be warm white or cool white, so colour temperatures between 2700K and 3000K.

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Connect with Nature

Liven up your bathroom by adding flowers, houseplants or even a live plant wall. Indoor plants are an effective way of turning your bathroom into a more contemporary Zen setting. Some indoor bathroom plants that can be used and are available in Kenya are snake plants, aloe vera, orchid, peace lily and snake plant.

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When you start decorating your bathroom, tons of ideas will come across your mind. Keeping in mind the more simple the more sense of elegance. You could focus on just a few things such as – new tiles, new light fixtures, a large mirror or new bathroom accessories for your new bathroom.

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