Sanitary Fittings

To make your bathroom experience more resourceful, DTC offers sanitary fittings
that help you configure your bathroom space to a more water-efficient yet stylish
space. We present to you products designed in line with trends, along with high
utility value, well made, simple and safe.

Explore our range of faucets and showers that operate with smooth action, delicate and precise control of water flow, and temperature to match..


  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Residential
  • Educational Institutions

Enjoy the Space to be Yourself

At DTC we offer showers in all shapes, styles and sizes.When you step into your shower we want you to enjoy all the variety that water has to offer. That’s why our head and hand showers give you the choice of different spray types

– Dedicated to your perfect shower experience

Accentuated by beautiful shapes


Our Remer range are designed in studios in Italy with every detail perfected. Products are designed by the Remer team that work hand in hand with Italian designers and in turn develop a unique piece, bearing in mind its technicality. Remer is a recommended brand by architects, interior designers and consultants all over the world.


COLOUR LED LIGHT faucet models with technology is equipped with an internal turbine that generates a beam of light with the simple passage of water, illuminating the flow and enlightening the location with coloured and stenographic atmospheres.


Timeless beauty and quality that lasts a lifetime - this captures the essence of Grohe. The products are carefully tested in many aspects such as how little pressure is needed to operate a lever, use of 3D measuring table to ensure they are perfectly compatible amongst others


Together with unique shapes, we offer different coloured mixers; matt white, matt black, brass.
Our Milano faucet collection is the perfect combination of great design and automation, which adds uniqueness and majestic gaze to your bathroom.



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